Mindful Monday from Dr. Barbara Walker



Mindful Mondays




These Monday posts have been an invitation for you to personally take a pause and explore what is possible when you allow yourself to purposely practice the concept of  mindfulness, and see how can enhance your daily performance, sleep, attention, mood, and overall energy - with consistency.  



 Reminder About the Goal:


"Paying attention in a particular way, 

on purpose, 

in the present moment, 


non-judgmentally, and 

open-heartedly as possible."


-Jon Kabat-Zinn 



Take in this definition slowly and with care.  


As you have learned by now, Mindfulness can be practiced at every turn...while gardening, brushing your teeth, walking on the sidewalk, driving, eating, exercising, and especially when communicating with others.


Suggested Practice for the Week:


This week is a simple reminder to go back to

observing your breath. 


Take just one minute twice each day paying attention to your breath and then allowing yourself to deepen that breath, from as low in your belly as you can and all the way up through your chest; consider a 5 second count as you inhale, following with a 5 second exhale.  Explore being in the present. 


Note as to whether this comes easier from practice over the last few months, both physically and mentally.


To add to this, put a cue word to it (like peace/love/focus) as you breathe or take it to the next step and consider a meditation on loving kindness - to yourself first and then spreading this to others.




With Intention for Happiness, Health, and Peace, with consistency.

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