Wimberg Bike Coaching Testimonials

"Thanks for the time and effort you spent preparing for the time trial presentation. You did a great job! You are recognized as one of the best and brightest advocates for fitness and cycling in the Cincinnati area. It is much appreciated."
Patrick M
Queen City Wheel , Cincinnati
"I want to share one story that really speaks to Peter's integrity. When I was president of UC's cycling club (University of Cincinnati) and we were looking for a cycling coach, we interviewed multiple coaches. When Peter came in for his interview with the board and our advisor who is a professor in sports physiology, we were astounded by his credentials, training program, and his attitude towards helping each student achieve their goals. At the end of the meeting, we discussed rates with him and to put it bluntly, it became very apparent that Peter was not interested in this position for the money, but rather to help us succeed. I am confident he can help us do that for PACC too and I am especially honored to have him sponsoring our team."
Paul D
Plano Athletic Cycling Club, Texas
"Hi Peter,

Thanks for talking to me this afternoon as it was very motivating. It is good to hear that you think that I am on track with my progress. It is also very interesting to get your perspective on the different training exercises that you have me doing on a regular basis and what they do for my cycling. You really have a strong understanding of what it takes to get to the "next level" and that gives me a ton of confidence in your program. The problem is that I have floundered around in the past with programs that did not work because they were not centered around measuring power .After talking with you today, I want to work even harder. I think it would really motivate all of your clients if they had a chance to talk to you at least once a month. You really know your stuff and have the patience to boot. To get in top physical shape and improve in a sport is Priceless ! I have recommended you to a couple of friends and hopefully they will contact you.

Best Regards,"
Chicago, IL
"I have seen massive improvements since I started working with CinciCyclingCoach. Not only am I stronger, but I am enjoying my training more than I did in the past."
Kipp Silber
Dayton, OH
University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
"CinciCyclingCoach rocket-launched my racing. The training plans were tailored towards my goals and I noticed a definite improvement after I signed on. I can't speak highly enough of Peter's ability to develop and coach athletes to achieve their fullest potential."
Jeremy D.
San Francisco, CA
"I rarely endorse products or services. However, my experience with Peter has been everything I expected, and more. You promised a personalized training plan but I was surprised at the level of involvement after signing. In particular, you were proactive in adjusting my training regimen after identifying strategic opportunities for improvement. Most important, you gave me the confidence, motivation and discipline that I had been lacking. Thanks to CinciCyclingCoach, I finished 14th in last years U.S. Senior Games in my first attempt and have already qualified for the games again in 2015."
Pat McMullen
Cleves, OH
"Happily, learning to win, no matter who the competition may be, is a teachable skill set. Bike training has allowed me to become better attuned to the mental aspects of competing. By working with Peter over the last months, I have learned to bring a unique strength out of myself at just the right time when it really matters. Just last month, I had the confidence to accept the nomination for president of the local Toastmasters club, and I won.

Thank you, Peter."
Theresa Z.
Anderson Township, OH
"CincyCyclingCoach has really helped me to build on my strengths and overcome my weaknesses and provide the structure and support I needed to perform at a level that I could not reach in my first 5 years of cycling. Prior to working with CincyCyclingCoach I had one 4/5 race win and some other mediocre placings. In just over a year of coaching I've been able to cat up 2x and won everything from a 87 mile hilly road race to a 50 minute flat crit, to a Time Trial."
Robin Zuend
St. Louis, MO
Cat 3 Tour of St Louis Ominium Winner
Cat 3 Missouri State RR Champion
Cat 3 Great Egyptian Omnium Winner
"Through working with Pete I was able to have my most successful season in more than 25 years of racing winning six races including three state championships."
Chris Durand
Cincinnati, OH
"Peter has provide direction to my training through his focus on POWER as the key means of targeting effort and gauging progress. He cuts through all the myths about what is necessary to go fast on a bike allowing me to concentrate on what is important. Im looking forward to continued progress under his wise guidance."
Andy Jones
Cincinnati, OH
"I have been a client of CinciCyclingCoach for 12 months. The training programs and personal coaching has been a huge asset for preparing for both the road and crit racing. Fitness level has definitely improved."
Patrick Bendel
Age 51

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