Wimberg Bike Coaching Services

Consultation: Whether one on one in person or on the phone we’ll discuss your previous training and accomplishments and goals. WFC will offer insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the previous training and how future training could be altered to improve results. There is no limit to the topics to be discussed but others to consider are weight training, equipment, aerodynamics, referrals to a sports dietician, sports psychologist, bike fit expert, etc.

Rate: $100 per hour, one hour minimum.

Monthly Bike Training Packages

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 
Training Peaks Account x x x
Workouts Emailed Daily to Athlete x x x
Training Log x x x
Online Workouts  x x x
Initial Power Zone Heart Rate Zone Field Test x x
Power, HR Comments  x x x
after each ride x
two to three times per week x
once per week x
Phone Calls
weekly x
twice monthly  x
monthly  x
Ride With Coach, Cincinnati area only
monthly x
6x per year x
one ride per year x
Monthly Investment $350

Other Services

Ride with the Coach

We’ll assess your riding skills including climbing and descending, cornering, etc as we take into account the skills needed to meet your goals for your event.

$100 per hour, one hour minimum

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