Time Trials

Why should you ride time trials? Why put up with that pain and heart rate hovering just below your maximum? A few reasons why:

  • They’re great training for road races and crits - they build your power base and elevate your anaerobic threshold.
  • A time trial is probably the longest, most high-end interval in your training program. It’s hard to replicate that effort on your own.
  • It’s probably the safest environment in cycling that is still very competitive.
  • Most time trials have smaller fields so your chances at a medal are much higher than other events.
  • High intensity workouts that you get with training for and riding time trials are the key to riding stronger and maintaining fitness as you get older.


Time Trial Calculator

  60x Time X/60 = enter miles/enter known time or speed to solve for the other


Enter Miles Example:
Enter Known TIme or Speed x/60 = 10 miles/25 mph avg 600/25 = 24 minutes


Gives you speed or time x/60 = 20miles/23:25 mph 1200/23.25 = 51.61 minutes, or 51:36 minutes

Be sure to convert seconds to minutes.


Wimberg Bike Coaching Clinics

Wimberg Bike Coaching offers specific clinics just for time trials. Whether for a groups of three to ten or one-on-one sessions, we’ll cover the following:

  • Bikes and Positions: frame selection and position; aerodynamic considerations of the frames; power vs. aerodynamics
  • Other Equipment: skinsuits, helmets, hydration, wheels, tires
  • Training: recommended training intervals, how to peak for key events, core and circuit training exercises, etc
  • How to Ride a Time Trial: scouting the course, warming up, proper pacing, rules and regulations, etc.
  • Mental Preparation
  • Power Meters: advantages and disadvantages of each type, how to use them in your training and racing

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