4x8 Steady States


Yesterdays ride was just 90 minutes and included 4x8 minute steady states. After the prior week it was nice to have some shorter intervals than the previous 15 minute efforts. The weather was great with temps in the 50's. I used Riverside Drive between Delta and downtown Cincinnati for these. The power averages were 329, 328, 329 and 329 with cadence at 87-90 average on each. Hr was right in the threshold zone or below. Watts per Kg was around 4.3. Have a couple of more days of these this week and then will likely get a long ride in on Friday, maybe a century if the weather is as nice as predicted. Also starting to ramp up the weight training for the winter. I may do these the day of the intervals or on an endurance day. I try to keep the off days as light as possible with just an easy low wattage spin.

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