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Welcome to Wimberg Bike Coaching (formerly CinciCycling Coach)

My name is Peter Wimberg and I am a USA Cycling Level 1 Power Certified Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USA Triathalon Coach and owner of Wimberg Bike Coaching LLC. I provide training programs for the beginner to the advanced cyclist. Who’s a beginner? This rider may be someone who just bought a bike and isn't yet confident enough to take it out on the road let alone engage in a training program. The beginner may also be someone with riding experience but who’s never actually worked with a coach and trained for a specific goal. The advanced cyclist could be the rider going for a state championship or even a national podium spot. In between, there are countless athletes with varying levels of riding experience and training. My goal is to work with any rider to develop a training program that works, using the S.M.A.R.T. principle.



SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed training goal(s). An example of a SMART goal would be to medal at the state time trial knowing that an average speed of 26.5 mph on the course was good for a top three position in the past. Through testing we know that you have the watts per kilogram power needed to hold that average speed and that you have the ability to train for the event knowing that it will be on the calendar in late June. Working together, we can make sure that your goals are SMART.


Once we determine your goals within that framework, we develop a periodized training plan consisting of microcycles within mesocycles within macrocycles. In other words, we’ll set weekly training goals that build towards monthly goals that are geared towards yearly goals.


Your training program includes an analysis of your event(s) to determine which energy systems we need to train in order to maximize your potential, race strategy, nutrition, equipment, and the mental training needed to compete.


Key Considerations Before Beginning

  • Interval training is not easy, and results may or may not come quickly. The key is to actually enjoy training, since you will spend much more time doing that than actually participating in events.
  • It’s important to complete the intervals as scheduled, keep track of your training data, and give 110% to your training.
  • Expecting improvement from week to week isn't realistic but you can expect improvement over time. Be patient.
  • Rest days are critical and the only days where true improvement occurs.
  • Communication between us is of the utmost importance. Be prepared to send your training data, and race results, and to ask plenty of questions.


My goal as a coach is to help you set your goals, train the energy systems needed to reach those goals, and then allow you to ride at, or even beyond, your potential. Ready to start?

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