Century with 10x6 steady states


The weather was pretty nice, in the 70's with some passing showers, so I did my 10x6 minute steady states on the way to Ripley, Ohio. Started them at River Downs and ended them about 10 minutes from Ripley, 50 miles from home. Power averaged right at 320 for all 10. Made it to Ripley (50.5 miles) in 2:27 with an average power at 250. Made it out and back in total of of 5:07:07 for the 101 miles or about 19.5 mph. Took my time on the way home with HR in zone 1 (126) and power at 195. the entire ride had an average power of 220, normalized of 242 while burning just under 4100 calories. Good to get another long ride in while the weather is warm.

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