LeMond vs Lance


I saw a post on FB regarding LeMonds comments recently about the proper punishment for Lance being a little jail time. While I don't know that that is necessary I was surprised at the number of people ripping LeMond and defending Lance. Seriously? While Lance was the best among a field of cheaters he seemed to overstep the line when it came to personal vendetta's against anyone who said anything against him. He sued people and won and he effectively ran the LeMond Bike company out of business. Has Lance apologized to anyone? Has he paid anyone back? He may be forced to part with some of his millions at some point. That hardship would satisfy me for a punishment (not sure I'd waste the jail space on him) but I think apologies to those he slammed would be appropriate also. And for the record I think LeMond was the greatest cyclist to ever come out of this country. He would have won more TdF's had he not been riding for Hinault and had he not been shot. And his VO2 max was far better than Lance's. Head to head, LeMond beats Lance assuming Lance is riding drug free.

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