Indoor Time Trial Comments


Rode a 14:57, 357 avg watts, 167 avg HR, 99 avg cadence. Have to say going into this that I was kind of dreading it. I skipped last February after my slow January ride and I had that still on my mind. Its amazing that something I did 11 months ago was still there but all week I was thinking about it. I really suffered in that ride and didn't have a good result. I went off at a reasonable pace today. Out of the 5 riders in my heat I was 4th a couple minutes in. I knew that if I held my typical power I'd catch the others. I tried to hold a steady 350 and never looked at HR until near the end. I lost my heat to another rider by 1 second. He had buiilt a 250' lead and I almost caught him at the finish, losing by exactly one second. In my age bracket I don't believe any other rider has broken 16 minutes so my 14:47 should hold up. I was happy to see good power at a relatively low HR. My 167 is only 92% of max. At my peak I'll be above 95% of max, or around 172. To be honest, I didn't ride that hard and still rode one of my best times. Its good to get this one in the books and I think next month I can take a few seconds off. Watts/kg around 4.66.

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