20-20-10-10 steady state comments


my notes to my coach: I took yesteday off and will do my spin/circuit double header on Wednesday (getting huge crowds, 35 in spin and 45 in the circuit...New Years resolutionists!) so I did the 5x12 today; totalled spaced out on the first one and went 20 minutes; I thought I had gone past 12 so I decided to take it to 15 but I was past 15 miniutes headed to 20; did the second for 20 and then did 2x10 minutes; 317, 318, 317 and 320 on these. if you had assigned 20 minute efforts I would have broken them into 10's. I never liked the 20's and yet I end up doing two of them. Felt good overall. Just tired of riding inside. No relief in site on the weather.

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