LT Tests for UC Cycling Team: some comments


Dear Bearcat's, I'm looking forward to our weight training demo tomorrow. We'll be running through a lot of different options for lower and upper body, core/foundation, plyometrics, etc. Here is a link that has a list of some of what we'll be looking at tomorrow: It looks like most of you have completed the LT test and some have done that and the Field Test. We'll be repeating both in time. The 2x8 field test is a pretty easy way to see how your training has progressed. Ultimately we want to see improvement in LT since it is best indictor of success in endurance events. We drive improvement in LT through aerobic training and anaerobic training by varying the frequency, intensity, time in and between our intervals with the result being increased overall aerobic power. We also need to consider improved economy of our cycling which includes everything that allows you to accomplish the same movement as your competition but with less effort. This could be better position on the bike, a better bike although don't let this be a concern, a better pedal stroke, being able to relax on the bike, pedaling as little as possible in a crit or road race to conserve energy, the ability to ride longer with less physical stress to areas other than our legs like upper back and shoulders, and on and on. I think it was Joe Friel, author of several books on training and also a coach, who said the best training program is that which gives you the best results in the least amount of time. Ideally we're Keep that in mind as you work your way through your intervals and we start to con side ways to improve our economy on the bike. Tomorrows training will apply to that economy and to our anaerobic training.

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