Last Indoor TT, comments


Rode 1 second off my best ever and I think I did that two years ago. The CompuTrainer showed me with an average of around 380+ watts or 4.9 watts/kg. I forgot, once again, to hit the INT button at the end so I didn't get the exact start to finish but it looks like I was in the 350's on the powertap. I do think that my power was a little more steady throughout this time other than the end when I pushed it up above 450 and then above 500. HR hit 177 and avg'd 170. I was happy with that. Had 5 other riders in my heat and the all took off at 400+ watts for the first two miles. I was in 5th place for that time. Thats a hard pace to maintain. Eventually I took over first and held it until the end. Overall I had the third fastest time today with a couple of 30/40 year olds beating me by a few seconds. Also won the 50+ for the series. Next TT will be outside…thankfully!

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