Training Calendars Have to Flexible


This is the post I made to my calendar for my coach just this morning. This is why schedules have to be flexible and why its always good to feel like you've done all of your training and a few days off schedule won't matter. The last 48 hours has been pretty much a disaster. Spent Tuesday evening with my mom in the emergency room then spent the night on the couch at their house so my dad wouldn't be alone. Only had about four hours sleep before he was up and then I was off to teach my classes. Did get those in and rode hard in spin and then put 45 women through some tortuous lifting for an hour. Then back to the hospital to see mom and then back to the house to see dad. Then a board meeting last night. I did have about 30 minutes late in the day some I did 8x1 minute power intervals at around 400 watts (high of 410 and a low of 394). Given the limited time they seemed like a good alternative. I will take today off. have meetings all day and more visits to my parents. Getting old is gonna suck!

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