Counting Other Tasks...


When tallying up the efforts for the day, even when it can't be quantified with Hr or wattage data, I do take into account time working in the yard, walking the dogs, etc. Any type of activity is good for us and always better than sitting around and should be taken into account when planning and reviewing your training and racing. This past Saturday, after during 500 miles back from MI and having ridden 400 miles in 7 days, I took the day as recovery with a 60 minute indoor ride below 100 watts. On Saturday I did about 90 minutes at 170, low endurance. Today I did my 55 minute spin class with plenty of short but hard efforts (350-400 watts, 30-180 seconds) and then worked in the yard for a few hours removing plants. All in all, a pretty tough day. Tomorrow is off, race on Tuesday. Its good to get out and work non-cycling muscles and move in and out of the saggital (right/left) plane.

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