testimonial from athlete


Hi Peter, Thanks for talking to me this afternoon as it was very motivating. It is good to hear that you think that I am on track with my progress. It is also very interesting to get your perspective on the different training exercises that you have me doing on a regular basis and what they do for my cycling. You really have a strong understanding of what it takes to get to the "next level" and that gives me a ton of confidence in your program. The problem is that I have floundered around in the past with programs that did not work because they were not centered around measuring power .After talking with you today, I want to work even harder. I think it would really motivate all of your clients if they had a chance to talk to you at least once a month. You really know your stuff and have the patience to boot. To get in top physical shape and improve in a sport is Priceless ! I have recommended you to a couple of friends and hopefully they will contact you. Best Regards Tom Chicago, IL

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