First Day Back with Some Intervals


as sent to my coach The first half hour was an early morning ride before going to the office. Power was at recovery pace. Mid morning I ended up doing 6x5 minutes with more of a focus on HR than power. On the first one at 340 my HR was already hitting 160+ and truly it didn't feel right. I went for 150-155 on the others and this felt good. Power was 320-low 330's I think. Its going to take some more time to get back to 100%. This flu took a lot out of me. I usually race at around 169-172 lbs and will hold 172-175 during the winter. Current weight is 167. I just din't eat much for 3-4 days. Good new is body fat is low also at 8%. I feel better heavier. Given the asthma issues I had with thsi flu I thought todays efforts were a good compromise. I don't feel too depleted but it felt good to ride with some power.

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