TT #5 in 6 days: Findlay Flyer 20k


Certainly didn't have my A game but I rode a decent 20k. Very windy so I took advantage of that on the way out. Kind of a cross win from behind so the disc wheel really didn't help. Had decent speed (27.4) but lower power (325). The way back was much slower but I upped the power to close to 340. Good enough for first overall. May do the local tt on Tuesday after recovery tomorrow. Have never ridden 5 TT's in such a short time span. Kind of interesting. Mentally, I felt pretty good even when the power wasn't there. I was afraid I be un-motivated by todays event but it was actually a great course (super flat) and there was good competition from the area. Also good to ride with a handful of the Upper Arlington high school team. They did a great job in their first time trial.

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