Worth reading

I read and listened to this book this week. While I had read most of LeMond's race history it was interesting to read about his early years as a teenager on the bike, his relationship with his dad, how he was and wasn't accepted in Europe, etc.  The section on how Fignon and LeMond couldn't;t keep up with the PED enhanced peloton is an eye opener if your not familiar with that era. I have to think Indurain was juicing and I believe Lemond's accounts of his conversations with Armstrong. One of them ended up being the biggest liar in sports history. I've always said LeMond is the greatest cyclist, and maybe the greatest athlete, to come from the US. His VO2 of 90+ is off the charts. Armstrong's ranged from the upper 70's to low 80's. Good but not great. Heck, mine was 70 when I was 47. 



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