Feedback from a client...a little tongue in cheek


Dear Mr. Wimberg:


I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your coaching advice on how to gain two seconds at the Cleves time trial.  You sure get results as I gained two seconds.  I am telling everyone that  you can easily get them the results they desire!


I tried doing intervals on my 200 mile ride on Saturday but that got old and tiresome very quickly.  I will do it for real on Thursday.  But your advice of keeping my power constant through the time trial really paid off.  I found myself concentrating on that.  I kept my power the same on the up hills as on the down hills.  Thanks for that tip.


The air was thin last night but the wind wasn’t a huge help.  At Lawrenceburg road a lady in a car on her cell phone pulled out in front of me so I had to slow down dramatically.  I really think I can gain a couple more seconds if the wind was right and I was motivated.  Then age will kick in and I will get slower.


Thanks again for the advice.  I have already achieved my goal.  You are a magical coach!


See you on the road,



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