2nd Last Cleves TT of 2015


Came in at 22:22, 27.6 mph, 90 rpms. 354 watts avg. ..second fastest of the year for me....3 watts better than last week but 40 seconds faster...felt good to get in a fast time before the end of the season. Very calm night, good temps around 70 and had the camera crew for the movie being made about Cleves ahead of me with the GoPro's and also the hand held camera out the back of the hatchback. It was motivating knowing they were filming and it helped having Matt Bole start 30 seconds behind me. He caught me after the halfway point and then I tried to not fall too far behind. He helped me average a little over 28 mph on the second 5 miles. The move, "Seconds to Years" is going to be filmed through next year also. It covers the riders who show up week after week, year after year, trying to get faster and faster along with the training, equipment, and dedication that goes into it.

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