Steady States, and very cold


Decided to go outside today. It was a brisk 33 degrees. I had my new arctic-ready pants, my lobster claw gloves and multiple upper layers of both thermal and wind protection. And still, 6 hours later, I'm still cold. I'm going to use our hot tub like a human crock pot later tonight. Anyway, I did 11 minutes at 311, 10 at 310, 5 at 301, 4 at 367 (up my short climb I use for the power intervals) and 5 at 296 doing a few laps around the park crit course. Not my best work but I have say that I was (besides cold) pretty tired from yesterday two hours of spin and circuit, or as the few who do both with me call it, Pete and Re-Pete. I'll relax tomorrow. I did post a lot of tt dates on the schedule. Still need the Ohio USAC tt date and the KY Senior date.

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