Michigan State 5k Time Trial Championship


Very fortunate to get the gold again today. Had the usual great competition from Michael T and Jake L. I missed breaking my record time of 6:15 by about 5 seconds. Felt like I attacked it right from the start. Took me about 45.7 seconds to go from the start to the timer on the course. From there my next two full laps were 3:04 and 3:05.

Yesterdays breakdown was 1:20 to the timer (after the downhill, further out than today), then laps of 3:05.3, 3:09.5, 3:08.7 and 3:08.7 and 3:08.8, so pretty consistent after that initial blast.

Power was good today, around 380-385. The turns out of the bars hurt that along with just a couple of non-pedalling turns, both just for a few seconds but affecting overall power in such short events.

Overall, I love this venue and if they repave it for 2019 it'll be that much better. its also very well run by the MSO.

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