10 x 30 second efforts


I did these today as opposed to Tuesday. I took yesterday off and will be off on Tuesday due to some meetings, and today was fantastic outside....puffy clouds, blue sky, a little breeze. I used the crit course and started each effort with some downhill momentum. Here is the power/cadence with the idea being to drive up the rpm's: 607/111, 611/107, 565/111, 559/114, 592/112, 607/110, 565/114, 560/116, 595/113 and 585/110. I also threw in a few 15 seconds efforts just trying to see how high I could get my cadence. I hit 155 and averaged in the 130's. I listened in on a USAC talk from the 2014 cycling summit and this coach talked about his track riders hitting 220-240. Thats intense.

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