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Very soon you'll see a link on my site for PowerMeterCity.Com. They carry a full line of a variety of power meters with the experts to help guide you to the best option whether pedal based, crank based, etc. See the link below the articles.

New Brands

We have recently added Garmin power meters and accessories to our site. We now carry 7 power meter brands and are in talks with a couple more.

In addition, we recently added K-EDGE. If you are not familiar with K-EDGE, they make arguably the best bike computer mounts in the business. Very cool stuff.

New Articles

Initially introduced a few years ago, independent left/right power measurement is a feature that’s finding its way into more and more power meters. With left/right power measurement, the power meter can measure how much power you generate from your left leg and how much from your right. Pretty cool right…yep! But it’s not quite that simple. There are different types of left/right data depending on your power meter. Then there’s the question: what do you do with this data once you have it and how can it help you?

At Power Meter City, we are big believers of hiring a coach. The value that they can provide, especially if you are training with power, can be immense. If you are familiar with power meters, you know that a power meter is the single, most effective training tool you can use for improving performance. Similar to a power meter, the ‘bang for your buck’ you get when hiring a coach is huge. When you combine a power meter with a coach…well, that’s a sure-fire recipe for success! Here are 5 reasons to hire a coach.

Latest News

Verve’s InfoCrank becomes UCI World Cycling Centre’s official power meter. Athletes training at the UCI’s World Cycling Centre will now benefit from detailed data supplied by Verve’s InfoCrank following an official partnership. Signing a four year deal with Verve, the WCC will now offer trainees the power measuring system for both on road and track racing.

The Power Meter City Difference

? Free shipping (all orders of $75)

? Power meters starting as low as $299

? No sales tax

? Financing available
? 20% off TrainingPeaks Premium with the purchase of a power meter
? 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Perhaps most importantly, we are power meter specialists and can give clients expert advice and customer service both before and after their purchase.


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