Day 2: 3x20 seconds, 3x3 VO and 4x1 max


I like these. Short but intense. On the 3x20 seconds pushing cadence I held 124/225, 115/251 and 123/286. On the 3x3 minutes going up Heekin Avenue I held 409, 405 and 393. I've been using the same climb when we need a 4 minute effort (power usually in the 360-390 range) and I'm getting pretty close to the top 20 seconds faster. The power goals for the 3 minutes are based on what I've held in the 5k and 10k time trials for that period of time. The same with the 2 minutes at 460-480. I'm glad that I can hold that in competition. Maybe I need someone next to me on these! On the 4x1 minute efforts I held 502, 499, 507 and 502, not far off my usual one minute efforts.

Next Sunday is the KY State time trials in Frankfort along the Kentucky River. Can't wait. Its a great course.

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