Steady States


Due to rain I did these inside. I set my computer for 300 watts on the 2x12 and held that at around 80 rpms. I then did 3x5 at close to 30 and 1x3 at 317. I took pretty short breaks between all of these, 2-3 minutes. The problem inside is the cadence. That bike just doesn't allow 90-100 on a given power seeing for some reason . I may be buying the Stages SC3 to replace it. Checking HR during these I found it from 155-160 so right in the zone.

For the record I don't use any indoor software like Zwift or other simulated road programs. I pretty much set the power desired, put on some music and have at it. And I don't do Strava outside. I race enough and do enough intervals where I'm comparing to my previous metrics specifically power to see how I'm doing and progressing. Other than that my indoor rides are all bout watchingt tv and reading newspapers and books while logging endurance miles.

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