Florida State Senior Time Trials


Here is a summary:

Won gold in both events.

Wind was a major issue, steady 15-20 mph

very flat course with very bumpy paving


In the 5k I averaged 385 watts, 27.44 mph, 93 rpms for a 6:52. The first half was at 419 watts, 25 mph; second half at 347, 30.61 mph.


In the 10k, after a 2 hour gap, averaged 358 watts, 26.84, 92 rpms,for a 13:59. Held 359 and 25 mph for the first half, 352 and 29.31 mph for the second half.


Power on both efforts was below what I held in Kentucky in September by 15 watts or so. Given its mid December and we haven't been doing much training for these, I'd say it went well. I did go all out on the 5k for the first half knowing that the second would be fast with the tail wind. I won that division by 10 seconds. On the 10k, I just didn't have much from the start. Still won by 20+ seconds and both times were within 15-20 seconds of PR's. Actually these are pretty close to my Michigan times, but power was lower.

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