Hotel Workouts


Hotel gyms....better than nothing but not by much. Riding a LifeFitness bike with the bike motorcycle saddle that is set much to upright relative to the pedals and bars just isn't much fun. I'm doing 60-75 minutes per day along with 30 minutes of strength training and plyometrics. The latter is actually more than I would have done at home so that is a good way to make up for the inadequate bike situation. Overall not anticipating any loss of fitness on this trip. Given the all day seminars (8-5, M-Th and 8-12:30 on Friday) I'm not eating much. And they food they've provided has been wonderful: yogurt, fruit and bacon in the am, steak, turkey and fish at lunch along with steamed veggies. Plenty of other options to cheese from but this is what I've been sticking with.

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