2017 Goals


Pretty much the same as last year with the addition of some national events:

Cleves Time Trial Series: win the 55-59 and get back into the 21's even if a 21:59...been several years

Blue Streak: at least one time around 21:30

Senior Games State 5k and 10k: gold in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Florida in both events, same as 2016

USAC Nationals, 55-59 time trial: top ten

National Senior Games: gold in 5k and 10k in the 55-59 (four silvers so far going back to Cleveland and Minneapolis)

stay healthy and injury free through 2x per week strength classes, increased sleep, more vacations and less stress and proper diet

ride according to my coaches plan (ok, will still throw in the occasional 100 miler when she posted a 2 hour ride)

train harder and smarter

always have fun and don't take it too seriously

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