Last Several Weeks


Just got back from two weeks in Alaska. This trip included ten days of riding with 693 total. We started north of Haines at the Yukon border, to Haines Junction, Destruction Bay, and Beaver Creek and then Tok, Glenallen and Valdez in Alaska. Longest day was 106 from south of Glenallen to Gakona, AK.  Saw four grizzlies and three black bears and too many eagles to count. Saw one humpback whale while going across Prince William Sound on the way to Whittier. Too many details to post here but plenty on my Facebook, Instagram and Strava accounts. Attached file shows the toll this took on my form. Have to say that I felt great everyday and could have gone on and on, seemingly. 

Prior to this trip I had a cardia calcium scan that showed a dilated aorta and the onset of coronary artery disease. Met with a cardiologist and did the echocardiogram stress test. Took that out to 15:30 and the 20% incline and 10mph pace. I'm no runner so my form was probably horrible.  in the end we will monitor my dilated aorta every six months going forward and next week I go in for a wrist to heart catheterization so the cardiologist can check for any coronary artery issues. If not, I'm back at my usual training in a couple of days. If I need a stent, I'll have to cool it for a week or so. Either way, should be back on the interval training soon enough. 

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