Mindful Monday from Dr. Barbara Walker

Being mindful of your habits, both mental and physical habits, will not only help you gain awareness of how you are spending your time and energy, but will also allow you to increase your productivity, decrease stress, and improve your overall well being.   


Remember that mindfulness is about paying attention, on purpose,

in the present moment. 


We all have the same 24 hours every day, although we all choose to utilize that time in different ways. Even within our own lives, depending on our mood, energy level, and motivation, we use our time differently. 


  My intention is not for anyone to be such a high efficiency machine, that they have no wriggle room or flexibility - that is unsustainable, no fun, and a recipe for burnout.


Having some down-time, randomness, and spontaneity is serving you well!  Many of your habits may be very functional, helping you stay on the path toward your mission.  If those habits work, keep them.

Consider, however, what habits of action or thinking might you get stuck in or choose to partake in that are wasting time or energy?  


Do you get stuck rehashing an old conversation or live in regret?

Do you over analyze and worry about something that hasn't even happened yet? 

Do you keep thinking about all the things you have to get done but feel paralyzed as to how or where to start, thus wasting even more time in the process?

How much are you allowing TV, social media, Netflix to take over your free time - and for what reason - avoiding tasks, numbing yourself, feeling bored?   


When we get stuck or waste energy, a vicious cycle occurs, making us even feel worse about ourselves.  We have to gain awareness of what's not working and make appropriate adjustments.  At different times of the day, take a pause, with a deep breath and ask yourself, 


"Is This Serving Me Well?"


If the answer is no, find a way to stop what you are doing. The ability to control yourself in these situations will leave you feeling empowered to repeat the decision the next time the habit arises, and can cascade into other decisions that will allow you to continue to serve yourself well.   

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