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Last Tuesday and Wednesday I rode the Michigan Senior 10k and 5k. Cool, windy and some rain for the 10k and rode a 14:07. The 5k was much nicer and rode a 6:43, one second off my 60-64 state record. So, gold and fastest of the day for both races. 

Went on to the Keweenaw Peninsula where I rode around Baraga on Thursday in some ferocious winds. All passage to Isle Royale National Park, my next destination, was canceled due to high seas for the boats and high wonds for the planes. On Friday, I did the amazing ride from Eagle River to Copper Harbor and back along M26, one of the great roads in the US.  Plenty of photos on my Facebook page. 

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I hiked on Isle Royale NP. Covered 14 miles, 18 miles, 12 miles on longer hikes along with several 2-3 mile hikes after dinner. I did a total of 50+ miles in mainly sunny skies. 

Back in Ohio and getting ready for the KY, TN and WI races on 9/3, 9/9, and 9/12-13 respectively. 

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