This week, August 7-12


On Wednesday I did 14x1 minute on off, file attched. Today I did 8x1 minute on off (last 3 with 90 sec between). Those were at 506w avg. Also hiked 14 on Thursday and 9 on Friday in the mountains in Tennessee. Also did the Blue Streak TT on Tuesday. Big week! have Michiagn Senior 10k next Tuesday and 5k on Wednesday so I'm tapering to them. Bike volume is down and I don't expect the hiking to have any impact. Form is currently +9. After Michigan, I go to the UP to ride for a couple of days and then off to Isle Royale National Park for four days of hiking. Upon return, I have Kentucky Senior TT's on September 3, Tennessee on September 10 and Wisconsin on September 13-14. Big stretch of races which I like. 

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