Miles in Michigan


Arrived here in Northern Michigan last Wednesday. In the last seven days I've logged just under 300 miles, 291 to be exact. I've done some one minute on off efforts (12 last Friday) and some two mile efforts (3, yesterday). Other than that its been lost of endurance miles at 220+/- watts with about 800' of climbing every hour. There are a lot of nice 150'+ climbs here. Many are at 4-5% but some sections at 14%+. I've taken my form from pre-Pittsburgh at +15 to a -32 as of today. Not unexpected given the load of miles. I'll get some recovery before I get back into time trial mode with Michiagn in the middle of August and then Kentucky and Tennessee to follow. Kind of nice to just get some mindless endurance miles in especially in this area. 

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