Rest of FL trip


The rest of this trip I did some 15-32 mile rides, sometimes one in the am and one in the pm along with two trips to Beack Bods gym for some lifting.  Will consider bringing my Giant Trinity next year with the disc and 90mm HED front and then renting a road bike for the rest of the week. I know I'm faster on the Giant vs the Cervelo P2. And, these roads really kind of stink for riding a tt bike for just endurance efforts. The paving on Ft. DeSoto is amazingly bumpy. 

Also scheduling a bike fit which I haven't some since before the pandemic. Its just good to check that everyone year or so. Feel like my saddle height and fore/aft is dialed in. I'm over the bottom bracket and using much more of a heal down stroke. Cadence is more in that 90-94 range than where I was years ago at 100+. Need to work on the front end with taking the bars back to a lower height and then bring my hands a little higher. 

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