Catching Up!


Many training events and Rouvy races over the last few weeks. All are posted on my Strava account. Had three today with the Galbraith Climb (380w for 5:50), Up Heekin (2:48, 440w) and then a rather average 10.23 mile Cleves at 328 for 24 minutes. Added ins some races during the week as time has allowed, usually 10-15 mile climbs at 320-330w. 


Screen shots shows dFRC or the draining of the battery during todays races. I went all out on the two climbs and then wasn't able to really tap into the pool of power on the longer time trial. Thats ok. The first two were definitely more on the anaerobic end of the scale as the data shows. The longer more aerobic effort was bound to take a hit. 

Still doing two to three strength sessions per week, one hour each. Lots of squats, core and plyometrics. 

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