This past week


Had a very active week with three strength training sessions of one hour each, some short but intense intervals and then three virtual races today. The races today started with the virtual Cleves course. I held 350 watts for 23:45. That was followed by the Galbraith 1.8 mile climb. I was able to hold 376 for 5:57. The final was teh Heekin climb. Its short but steep over its .53 mile stretch. I held 427 watts on that one.

Interval during the week we some 40 second on 20 second off x 10 at 400+ watts for the 40 seconds. Also did a day of 3 minutes at 300 and one at 340 and 1 minute easy, x 9. 

Really enjoying the Stages SB20 and Rouvy. The indoor races have helped me maintain FTP over the winter and work on maintaining power over raods with varied grades. Much better than the typical ERG mode training. 


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