Florida 5 and 10k


Spent a week in Florida and rode their senior 5k and 10k time trials.  Was able to win the 5k age and overall and took second in the 10k in the age and 3rd overall. I rode my Cervelo P2 with HED tri spokes front and back. Pretty marginal efforts overall. Felt ok on the 5k with a 6:57 but 30 seconds off my course record. Maybe a little too windy on the second half. I was kind of dead on the 10k. I went with a slightly elevated hand position within UCI limits. Wasn't really all that comfortable. Saddle height was a little higher as I was trying to flatten my back. Felt like it stole some power without any aero advantage. 

Back to training with some 12 minute tempos around 270-290 and under-overs today at 300-350-300-250 for 3-2-3-2 minutes respectively, three sets. 

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