Michigan and Tennessee State Chamionships and aero-free Cleves


Raced in Michigan on September 21 and was able to win both the 5k and 10k time trials. It was a cold morning (40's-50's) so my times were slower thn past years. Power was about as expected with averages around 360 and 335. Ideally I'd be adding about 15w to each of those. 


Rode my first ever TM 5k state race last Saturday in Strawberry Plains near Knoxville. Won the gold and possibly set a state record at 6:49. Power was just above 360. 


Rode my 350th Cleves Time Trial last night (started in 1997) and went completely non-aero, just my usual road bike set up. Managed a 25:15, 24.36 mph, 332 watts.  

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