Fall/Winter Training Goals


Looking at 2019, I'll have the usual Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida state 5k and 10k time trials, the Ohio USAC state time trial, NSG nationals in Albuquerque and possibly USC nationals in Colorado Springs. And, lets not forget the local Cleves Time Trial Series and the Blue Streak. So, going into the fall/winter training block, I'll want to....

take the rest days as noted by my coach...always!

push the zones: if steady state is 32-335, I want to push into the 340's, or higher

watch he weight: I usually gain 3-5 lbs, not a big deal, but would prefer to avoid this; the evening fast from dinner to breakfast (roughly 12 hours) seems like a good way to keep those extra and useless calories from sticking around

get on the time trial bike every once in a while: I'll go from the last tt to the first without getting out the training bike; need to get on it more often just to keep the back and legs used to that position

strength training: same plan as in the past, maybe incorporating some larger weights in class

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