Last Cleves Time Trial of 2017


I did an extra long warmup as I tested some slightly different positions. Nothing radical. I just raised my bars one spacer and lowered my saddle about the same. Its going to be more comfortable for the 40k. For the short time trials, I'm pretty high in the saddle and low with the bars with about an 8" drop. I maybe took 1/2" off that. Felt good. I didn't ride particularly hard tonight. That Monday night circuit class was tough. I felt that in my legs tonight, and thats ok. I know that doing that affects this event. Ultimately my times at the key events were very fast and thats what I want. I think I've now ridden this course 325 over 21 years. Its hard to get too excited about it but it is good training and chance to mess around with position, cadence, etc.

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