A pretty average ride tonight. On the first half I was pretty strong (353 watts) and fast into the wind. The second half I just kind of died (335). Not a fast night given the cool temps. I think that will be my last ride this year on that course. Next week I'll ride the Blue Streak in Dayton and then I'll just do the timing at Cleves the last two weeks in September, maybe with some intervals on my own beforehand. Re the Sunday KY races, another rider pointed out that the temps this year were 10 degrees cooler and we only had 45 minutes between events compared to 2 hours last year. He also uses some website that calculates results based on given power and weather conditions and this site predicted that we would ride slower by about 30 seconds on the 10k, which was correct. I'm also looking at my results there and in Michigan on the 5k where I rode very fast times at an average wattage around 380 compared to last years 400+. I do think my power meter, even though calibrated, is just reading lower for some reason. Proportionally my rides last year for the 10k and my rides at our local tt are showing power numbers about 7% below what I had last year for almost similar times. I'm definitely slower at Cleves but not enough to warrant losing 15-20 watts. Nah being said, I do need to get my head wrapped around the 10k and 10 mile efforts. I killing the 5k's. I tend to think its just the time of year and the number of races completed. I was super fired up Sunday and in Michigan. Tonight, I'm riding but not really too excited.

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