Straight Street Hill Climb


I forget to hit the INT button but its pretty easy to find the effort near the end of the ride. It was cold, mid 30's and the warmup options were minimal so went at this pretty cold. And, it was mass start with 100+ riders at the bottom of the climb with no ramp. Yuck! Slope ranged from about 10-21%. Given the array of riders (a few cat 1/2 but mainly cat 5 and below), I opted to let them all clip in and get going before I took off. I passed most of them. Looks like it took me around 2:30 and around 460 watts, so not too far off what I've done on my 3 minute power efforts on the hill near my house. I just don't like mass start events, especially with bike messengers, mountain bikes, etc. I did set a new one minute power best at 551 watts. Well runevent and I can see the attraction for the runners, bikers, and duathlon participants. Not sure its my kind of event.

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