Florida State 5k and 10k Championships


Overall a good day and better than expected. I say that because I'm riding a bike that I've never raced on (Cervelo P2, two tri-spokes as opposed to my Giant Trinity with the rear disc) and I wasn't feeling 100% given this allergy. Both of my times were faster than last year under pretty similar circumstances on the exact same course. I set a course record in the 5k at 6:26. That may be 1 second better than my all-time best for any 5k course. I think I did something close to that at Nationals in Cleveland four years ago. I was around 6:57 last year here. On the 10k, I was at 13:26. Not sure if its a record as they had my name entered in the incorrect slot and had to redo the results. Still, about 50 seconds faster than last year. And, power was really strong on the 5k at 395. The 10k was 356. I wanted 365-370. Maybe a little tired from the 5k. Two more golds is always a good thing. Really pleased with this given the time of year.

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