Monday and Tuesday, May 4 and 5


On Monday I headed to Batavia (by car) to ride some intervals on 222. For the one strava segment noted at 3.17 mile I held 364, 100 rpms for a 6:58. Best times ever are 6:51 from about 5 years ago and obvioulsy a group effort. Looks like I have the age group record. Not sure I can push 28 mph to get the KoM. I did unknowingly ride the snd best all-time of another longer route from Batavia to 50 at 3.73 miles at 8:28 or so. I may be able to get that and at some point the 3.2 miles into Batavia. I also gave the .2 mile sprint into Batavia a shot. Nowhere close to the 40 mph avg needed on that. 

Today I did 8x2 minutes at 383-390, 2 minutes between. 

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