KY 5 and 10k


So, this is how things went today. The 5k starts at the 10k turn and we race back to the finish line. First rider off at 8am and I was around 8:15. At 7:55 I find that my disc has a flat so I ride back to my car, slowly but with some haste, put on my Tri-spoke, and then ride back out in 7:47, 294 watts, and kind of beg to still go as all of the other riders were done or just out on the course. They relented and I did a 6:32, 28.4 mph, 373 watts, 99 rpms. Felt pretty good about this but had to go back out about 25 minutes later. Only mustered 335, 93 rpms, and 26 mph. Won gold in each but definitely felt a little worn from the flat and lack of rest between.

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