National Senior Games from Albuquerque, NM


Rode the 5k and 10k time trials over the last two days. The 5k was into the wind, at least for the early riders. I was at 445 watts at the end of the first 2:30 which was to the top of the initial uphill. From there it was flat to downhill to the finish. Finished at 6:49, 380 watts and 6th place. The 10k was out into the wind and back with a tailwind. I was at 370 to the turn in around 8:15 and then came back in about 5:50 for a 14:10 and the bronze medal. Finished with power around 360. Given the 5900' elevation, I was pretty happy with these results. Back to the humidity in two years in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Next up will be the Ohio 5k/10k in late July and USAC 40k in early August. In between, some time in Michigan. 

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