NSG Course Recon


Rode the course out and back a couple of times. Didn't do 2.5 hours but I think that's ok. By the time Saturday gets here I'll be ready to unleash some power. I did do a few 1 minute on/off, around 400 watts. Felt very good. Course has great paving, a down hill finish to the 5k and 10k. The 5k and second half of the 10k will start with a little rise. Should be fast and I suspect windy. Winds today at 9 mph and truly no place to hide on this course. Personally, I hope it is windy. I think it works in my favor as does the uphill to start the 10k. I think I can put out some good power to get through the tough areas and maintain through the rest. 390-400 on the 5k is the goal.

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