Great Books for Endurance Athletes


Dear QCW Teammates,

Thanks for all of the comments on previous posts. I enjoy the conversations. I constantly pepper my coach with questions. I like to know the what and why of what we're doing based her experience and education and I want to know the latest that she's hearing from other coaches. Theres always more to learn. 


 This weeks post is just a list of some of my favorite books on training and sports in general. Most are not bike oriented only books but  cover endurance athletes in general. I'm definitely a fan of Matt Fitzgerald. I had the opportunity to interview him for an online magazine several years ago. Smart, friendly, and willing to share. Would love to have him as a speaker some day. 


Iron Wars by Matt Fitzgerald: Great book on Dave Scott and Mark Allen's battle for dominance in the Iron Man. One was a loner, the other someone who trained with groups. One was very detail oriented, the other more relaxed in his approach. The author also brings in some really great studies on what makes one person a great endurance athlete and another person with the same physical skills just average. This is my favorite book on endurance athletes and pertinent even if you've never done a triathlon, like me.


Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald: everything you need to know about putting together a diet for a variety of athletic pursuits. Lots of great recipes also.



How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald: This will have you questioning why you're training and competing and why you're probably getting the results you deserve, good or bad.



The Sport Gene by David Epstein: Are we born to be great or do we train what we have to get there? When a baseball player in the batters box says he can see the seams on the ball coming at him at 90 mph, there may be a reason. Most great batters have better than 20/20 vision. Why did the best runners in the world come from Norway 100 years ago and Kenya today? What really makes a great basketball player? Very interesting book.



The Champions Mind by Jim Afremow: More on whats separates the greats from the rest of us.




Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield: Comprehensive look at everything relative to training. As much as reference book as a sit down and read it book. Tips on training, nutrition, stress management, sleep, etc.



Happy Reading! 


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