No Indoor TT (canceled, snow) so did some other efforts


I did two sets of the 15 sec on/off for 5 minutes. I did one where I hit in/out of the 15 second and then one where I just rode for 5 minutes with the shifting every 15 seconds but watching avg watts the entire time. Had an all-time best for 5 minutes at 430 on the effort where I just wacthed avg power. Also closed out with a time trial pace 3 minute effort at 378. Overall, felt a little tired. I think the tough Wednesday classes and then two days of one hour power took its toll. And, barely rode yesterday. Slept 8 solid hours last night. Also did 3x1 minute this morning in the mid 550's in an hour ride. Since the new year have set an hour record, 5 minute record and missed the 1 minute by 1 watt. 

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